Package No.2 – 7 Days (Tokyo- Kyoto- Osaka)

No.2/ 7 Days No.2 (Tokyo- Kyoto- Osaka)
Tsukiji market had a hundred shops, mostly fresh seafood. 

TeamLab is a collection of different kinds of artwork, digital art museum. They utilize a variety of lights, sounds and materials to create an unforgettable experience. 

With a height of 634 meters, Tokyo Skytree is the second tallest tower in the world. It’s possible to see Mt. Fuji from one of the few spots. 

Asakusa is well known for its traditional Japanese atmosphere, and one of the most visited places is Senso-ji temple. 

Oshino Hakkai is located in Yamanashi, and has eight crystal-clear spring ponds that are fed by melting down snow from Mt. Fuji. 

Mt. Fuji (12,388 feet/ 3,776 meters) is the highest mountain in Japan. A must-see destination in Japan. 

Tourists visit Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine to pray for the family’s happiness and safe childbirth. Take a look at the stunning view of Mt. Fuji.

Kiyomizudera, also known as a clear water temple, is famous for its wooden stage with an outstanding view of the city.

Dotonbori is the heart of Osaka and is known for its nightlife area, restaurants and sighboard. 


Day 1: Airport – Hotel in Tokyo (Tour Guide: 3 hours)

Day 2: Tsukiji – Teamlab – Shibuya – Hotel in Tokyo (TG: 8 hours)

Day 3: Tokyo SkyTree – Asakusa – Shinjuku – Hotel in Tokyo (TG: 8 hours)

Day 4: Oshino Hakkai – Mt. Fuji (up to 5th station) – Arakurayama Shrine – Hotel in Yamanashi (TG: 8 hours)

Day 5: Transfer: Bullet train (Mishima- Kyoto) Kiyomizudera temple- Nishiki Market – Hotel in Osaka (TG: 8 hours)

Day 6: Tsutenkaku Tower – Dotonbori – Kuromon Market – Hotel in Osaka (TG: 8 hours)

Day 7: Hotel- Airport (TG: 3 hours)


255,000 JPY per person/ 1,625 USD per person

*Prices varies due to the exchange rate

*Van (up to 5 pax) 

*Ask us for more people

*3 star hotel/ Twin beds

What’s Included

Private car  ・Expressway/ Parking fee ・Tour guide

Bullet train tickets ・Admission tickets ・Hotels