Summer Sumo Regional Tour (Jungyo) in Shizuoka *No Grand Sumo Tournaments

August 6 (Tu) 2024- August 7 (Wed) 2024


Sumo is the national sport in Japan and has a long history. 

It was designated in 1909.

The competition takes place in a ring called Dohyo.

Two sumo wrestlers fight in it. The first one who steps out of the ring loses, or the first one who touches the ground with any type of his body except the sole of his feet loses.


This is a summer sumo regional tour (Jungyo), not one of the Grand Sumo Tournaments, so you will be able to watch sumo wrestlers practice and perform what won’t be seen at any Grand Sumo Tournaments. 

Additionally, hand-shaking events will take place, taking photos of them or with them will be available, you can get their autograph, and you might be able to have a little chat with them if lucky enough.

 Why don’t you enjoy watching it with local audiences and eating local food?




Day Time Destination

August. 6 (Tu)




Meet and Depart at Shizuoka Station

Sightseeing: Nihondaira Yume Terrace

Lunch: Soba / Rice cake pounding experience

Sightseeing: Miho Pine Forest

Stay at a hotel

 (Meals: B:× L:⚪︎ D:×)


August. 7 (Wed)



10:00- 15:30


Departure at hotel

Grand Sumo Tournament

Lunch: lunch box

Arrive at Shizuoka station

End the tour

(Meals: B:⚪︎ L:⚪︎ D: ×)


Nihondaira Yume Terrace  


                             Mt. Fuji




Soba noodle                                                     Rice pounding experience



Price: 55,000 JPY/ per person


  • Hotel 
  • Private bus 
  • Tour guide
  • Lunch for Day 1
  • Breakfast for Day 2
  • Lunch box for Day 2
  • Summer Sumo Regional Tour ticket for Day 2



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