Health Investment – Medical checkup package tour


Are you confident that you won’t get ill at all?

Before our future and lives will get taken away by diseases….

Hence for the happy and healthy living forever…

Please receive the world-renowned medical institution for a full medical checkup.

Your health investment will lead to a bright future.


About us

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The Tokushukai, a comprehensive medical institution, provides advanced medical care.


Striving for the belief “Life is always equal”, the Tokushukai Group aims that everyone will receive the best medical service at any time and anywhere. 

The Tokushukai Group, which is challenging the revolution of the Japanese and worldwide medical environment, is one of the most recognized medical groups, ranking at the top in Japan and 3rd in the world. 

With more than 70 comprehensive medical groups equipped with the most advanced medical devices, the Tokushukai Group will support your health. 

Shizuoka Tokushukai Hospital has the latest checkup system, and it’s easily accessible.


Shizuoka Tokushukai Hospital is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, which has a world cultural heritage of Mt. Fuji. 


It is close to the Shizuoka Airport, and easy to access to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. Shizuoka Tokushukai Hospital is near the sea, standing opposite of Mt. Fuji.


Equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices, only one day is required for a full medical checkup.

Shizuoka Tokushukai Hospital will conduct the accurate checkup from 8am to 5pm. The comprehensive checkup results, such as PET-CT, MRI, MRA, Gastro-scope and Blood Test will be kept in electronic devices and shared with all the Tokushukai hospitals. The results can be translated into Chinese and sent to you with the Japanese version.

In case that any disease is found during the checkup, it is possible to receive the reliable and safe therapy at the Tokushukai Hospital.


Shizuoka Tokushukai Hospital will ensure that any disease found during the checkup will be treated in the hospitals of Tokushukai Group. It also allows the treatment from the domestic hospitals in China. The Shonan Kamakura of Tokushukai Group has cutting-edge medical techniques to treat cancer, with experience of treating foreigners. Whatever the instructions of the therapy, quotation, medical therapy certificate or assistance of medical visa, all of the backup service will be available. 

It is different from other companies which only provide the tour and visit service, our company has acquired great support from the Tokushukai Group. We will provide you with the safe and reliable services through the comprehensive checkup to the therapy.


Characteristic feature of our checkup tour


Many people will feel uncomfortable with the checkup in the hospital, they want to escape from the blood drawing and gastroscopy. Our recommended checkup is conducted by extraordinary medical persons with the newest medical devices. We will ensure that you won’t feel uncomfortable with the checkup.

The relieved comprehensive checkup is assured by the combination of the newest devices and medical checkup.

-Pet-CT can check up many organs at the same time and find small tumors without any pain.

-Painless gastroscopy, MRI and MRA checkup for the brain; synchronized checkup and filming, colorful images to display the situation of esophagus, stomach and brain.


-Dozen of checkup item including blood and biochemical checkup

-Inquiry, diagnosis sheet and checkup report will be translated into Chinese by specialists. It will support all the way to guarantee  a comfortable and advanced checkup service.


-Both Japanese and Chinese reports will be provided one month after the checkup.

Early dinner will be prepared the day prior to the comprehensive checkup.

The hotel will prepare early dinner the day prior to the checkup, considering the schedule of the checkup day. The translator will help and fill the inquiry form in Chinese. On the day of the checkup, the translator will also escort you all the way to ensure that you will enjoy a relieved checkup. 

Upon completion of the checkup, a luxury dinner will be prepared for you. The detailed and comprehensive service will be given to you regardless of their first time on the tour. 

Comprehensive checkup in 2 nights and 3 days is waiting for you!

2 large comprehensive hospitals, equipped with state-of-art medical checkup and therapy devices.

Shizuoka Tokushukai Hospital is a large scale hospital that has 9 floors, 500 beds and 10 years experience to treat various kinds of diseases. It is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is the number 1 of the lifetime and has a close connection with locals to provide advanced therapy, a hospital with the unique feeling of relief.


Shonan Kamakura Hospital is a large scale hospital that has 1 underground floor and 15 floors above the ground, 600 beds and 48 kinds of specialized treatment. With all kinds of experiences, cutting-edge checkup and therapy devices, and the highest quality of medical services will be provided to foreign patients. “International medical backup office” is established for them to provide medical support.


For the more accurate and suitable therapy, we employ the most advanced devices to save lives.

Shonan Kamakura Hospital continuously evolves cutting-edge medical devices to save more lives. The medical robot, Da Vinci S, has more complicated hands than human beings. The combined operation table includes the operation table, and heart. Brain and blood vessels to achieve a lowest radiating level, and lead to the control of radiator.

A comprehensive hospital equipped with a comfortable room allows for hospitalization and occasional therapy.


The surgery and radioactive therapy require hospitalization and routine therapy.  The hospital we recommend prepares the comfortable rooms for patients. For the patients requiring routine therapy, the accommodation will also be available to ensure the patient will get the relieved therapy. The anti-earthquake policy will reassure people who worry about it.

Introduction to the comprehensive checkup item

-PET-CT (positron emission computed tomography)


-PET-CT for the checkup of early-stage cancer, painless just as the Chest Fluoroscopy, lying in the machine for 30 minutes, a whole body scan, accurate to find the small cancer, effective to determine the degree of tumor;

At the same time, this machine will be effective and workable for the therapy of cancer and prevention of cancer relapse and transferring.


-Cancers that PET-CT will help to find easily

Lung cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, Laryngeal cancer, Thyroid cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, breast  cancer, malignant lymphoma, bone tumors, Malignant melanoma, cancer metastasis

Cancer that PET-CT will find hardly

Kidney cancer, bladder cancer (ultrasound detection will be more helpful), stomach (gastroscopy will be more helpful), liver cancer (ultra examination will be more helpful)

-Magnetic resonance imagining head (MRI)

It is very valuable for the early diagnosis of cerebral aneurysm and cerebrovascular stenosis that may lead to the cerebral infarction


-The checkup of digestive system 

Painless gastroscopy, only throat anesthesia, 2 methods of checkup are available: normal checkup in conscious state; the use of anesthesia in the sleep state.

Take pictures of the inside of the stomach when it is checking up.

If necessary, helicobacter pylori checkup and tissues checkup will be prepared.

-Ultrasound checkup

The thyroid gland, carotid artery, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, spleen female (breast)


-Circulatory System Checkup 

Electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, pulse, arteriosclerosis degree examination


-Blood Test

Blood count, white blood cells, CRP, HBs antigen antibody, HCV antibody, liver function (GOT, GPT, r- GTP, made LDH, ALP, CHE, protein, albumin, Bilirubin, CPK) kidney function (urea nitrogen, creatinine), blood lipid metabolism (total cholesterol, neutral fat, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol), blood sugar, uric acid, other indicators


-General checkup, e.g. tumor markers, chest X-ray, respiratory function, bone mineral density, vision, fundu and intraocular pressure, hearing, height, weight, waist circumference, etc.


Basically this comprehensive medical checkup covers each part of the human body.

Checkup time: 8:00am to 4:00pm


Within one month after the completion of the checkup, checkup results reports will be provided in both Japanese and Chinese versions, as well as the description of the checkup items.